Solid Wood Furniture Johor Bahru :: The Wood Colony

Solid Wood Furniture Johor Bahru :: The Wood Colony

"Bringing lovers of natural wood together." Solid Wood Furniture Johor Bahru (JB)

It all started with a deep-seated passion and love for the beauty of natural wood. We always wanted a way to maintain aspects of the natural wood in our furniture, while also having it custom made in designs we picked out so that it would fit just right. Realizing how limited our options were, we took up the mantle to search for a means to get all this, and share our discoveries with fellow lovers and fans of exclusivity and wood art! From there, The Wood Colony was established.
At The Wood Colony, we hope to build a colony of people who are drawn together by their common desire to beautify their homes, offices and other spaces with natural woodwork. Concurrently, we seek to bring together people who appreciate the experience of choosing their very own unique pieces of customised furniture.

How we started?

The Wood Colony was started as a platform for us to share our love for customized wood slabs with like-minded individuals. As home owners ourselves, we always wanted to incorporate natural elements in our furniture choices. Also, we wanted this investment to be worthwhile by customizing certain elements of our furniture, resulting in an exclusive piece of art. We realized our options were very limited when we were shopping, and we decided to take things into hand, the rest is history.

Why Choose Us

  • We care about your health, which is why we use Belgium-imported water resistant protective coats as they are totally plant-based and completely safe to use on living space furniture rather than the chemical based lacquer coating. It also has the added benefit of giving you a feel of the grainy texture of the wood underneath that misses with chemical coating.
  • We enhance product longevity by using a special kiln dry method that ensures no moisture is trapped within the wood, followed by dip treatment to protect the wood against termites.
  • For your peace of mind, we got you covered on wood care matters. We offer 6 months of free maintenance and repairs against manufacturing defects so you can be assured of the quality you are getting. Free guidance on care will be provided.
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