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Tan Kah Hoo Trading Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 12th June 1992 which located at Segamat, Johor. Our main business is dealing with road works and earthworks contract. We are having more than 20 years of experience in the field. In addition, we also sell premix, quarry and renting of construction machinery and lorry. Tan Kah Hoo Trading Sdn Bhd provides one-stop service which includes selling of construction materials and also construction. Furthermore, our company also involved in government contract in both the main contractor and also sub-contractor.

Our company is divided into three departments, supporting department, logistic department and construction division. Supporting department is to ensure all lorries and machinery are operating in good condition. The logistic department is playing the role of transporting construction materials on time. Lastly, the construction division is to in charge of the construction progress of the project. Every department is highly depended, without anyone the operation of the company will not well.

Our core values are to serves our customer with sincerity and integrity; forging long term relationship with conviction and compassion; relentless strive for excellence with vision.


To become an outstanding contractor who not only delivers quality works but also responsible for the social, environment and safety.


To complete the project and delivered the quality products within the stipulated time.
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