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Rather than just doing website design, we are more often to name ourselves as Web Developer. We have the ability to develop customized web applications (ASP.NET) for our clients, based on the requirements and business nature. We’re specialized in ASP.NET (Microsoft Platform).
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Some of our Customized Works

Coupon Manager

Coupon Manager

To generate and manage discount coupons for your sales promotions. Some features under Coupon Manager:
  • Administrator can generate coupon for selected customer only. Only customer with correct email can use the particular coupon.
  • Administrator can generate coupon for multiple customers. And admin can restrict the maximum number of coupon usage.
  • Administrator can restrict the number of coupon usage per email - one customer can use only 1 time, 3 times, or more.
  • Administrator can generate coupon and sell to customers with upfront payment.
Ads Manager

Ads Manager

To manage advertisements on your website. It allows website owner to gain secondary income from website. Some features under Ads Manager:
  • Administrator can publish an advertisement by upload thumbnail image of advertisement, target website link/ URL, and target document for downloading.
  • Administrator can set the date of publish and date of closing for a particular advertisement.
  • System may perform necessary effects to host multiple advertisements on the same position. This helps to increase the number of advertisements shown in the website.
  • Administrator can set the position of the advertisement to be shown in the website.
Commission System

Commission System for Multi-Level Marketing

With the provided knowledge on the formula of commission calculation, we are able to design and develop an online portal for commission system of multi-level marketing. This system helps to keep track of transactions and calculate commission to the involve agents. It also allows agents to view their account online.
SMS System

SMS System

We help to integrate your website/ portal with SMS system that enables you to send instant alerts to related persons. E.g.: SMS can be used to send promotions, order confirmation, password retrieval, system alert and etc. It helps to improve the level of responsiveness of your website/ portals.

Why choose a Customized Web Application?

  • You have a unique idea/ concept to be run in the web, whereby ordinary website is not able to cater for it. It is more about the features and functionalities of the website, rather than website layout design.
  • You have a self-defined workflow in your business operation, your business is spread through a few locations, states, or countries; and you need to capture the data real-time basis.
When Do You Need
Customize Website?
  They are companies with multiple branches or locations, starting up branches in fast pace.  
  They are tired with software installation and platform compatibility issues and need a web portal that goes without any installation required.  
  They require improvement on their daily business operation, through real-time data input and processing.  
  They need to integrate a few standalone software into single centralized system/ portal.  
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