Are you a critical thinker?

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    Are you a critical thinker?
    We encounter all kinds of problems in our daily life such as financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, work-related problems, and so on.  A lot of the problems we encounter in life involve making choices and decisions. How do you make your decision in your daily? Are you a critical thinker?
    1. Decision making
    Decision-making is a process of thinking critically about choices. Three (3) types of decisions: Routine Decisions, Impulsive Decisions, and Reasoned Decisions.
    2. Routine Decisions 
    A safe, habitual choice that we make so that our life runs smoothly and eliminates the need to make choices constantly. For example, you always order ‘Maggi Goreng and ‘Milo ice’ whenever you eat at the ‘Mamak’. You always buy Brand X shampoo.
    3. Impulsive Decisions
    An instant choice (on the spot / in the spur of the moment) that we make, which is not well thought out and not planned. For example, when you woke up in the morning, you decided to skip your 8 a.m. class and continue to sleep in because it was raining. Another example is you were walking along the street on a hot day. As you passed by an ice cream man, you decided to buy ice cream.
    4. Reasoned Decisions
    Choices in which alternatives are identified and weighed, taking into consideration predicted outcomes. Reasoned Decisions involve considering risks, predicting short-term outcomes, predicting long-term outcomes, taking into account the consequences, considering the advantages and disadvantages, and making a conscious choice. For instance, A couple having marital problems tries to work things out and decides not to get a divorce after considering their relationship with each other, their family members as well as the future of their children.
    What is the decision for you always made? Being a critical thinker when you make a decision. Take responsibility for your own choices.


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