Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 Step-By-Step

Step to Step Outlook 2013 Main Client to Access Your Mailbox

Assumptions: Username (Email): myname@mydomain.com.my
Password: mySecret

You should replace your email address and password while setting up your mailbox.

Step 1
  STEP 1
Open [Outlook] and select [File].
  STEP 2
Click [Add Account].
Step 2
Step 3
  STEP 3
Check [Manual setup or additional server types] and click [Next].
  STEP 4
Select [POP] and click [Next].
Step 4
Step 5
  STEP 5
  • Enter [Your Name] and [E-mail Address].
  • Select  [POP] as your account type.
  • For [Incoming mail server (IMAP)], enter [mail.mydomain.com.my].
  • For [Outgoing mail server (SMTP)], enter [mail.mydomain.com.my].
  • In [Logon Information] enter the [e-mail address] and [password] that you created in the control panel.
  • Click [More Settings].
  STEP 6
Select [Outgoing Server] and check [My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication].
Step 6
Step 7
  STEP 7
Select [Advanced].
For [Outgoing server (SMTP)] enter [587].
For [Root folder path] enter [INBOX]with uppercase letters.
Click [OK] and then [Next].
  STEP 8
Click [Close].
Step 8
Step 9
  STEP 9
You have now set up your account in Microsoft Outlook 2013. Click [Finish].


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