Should the old corporate go online?

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Should the old corporate go online?
Some old corporate do not have a website since their business starts up, and their business only depends on word of mouth. Some old corporate already have a website, but the effectiveness is unsatisfactory, and just leaving it and felt that website not much help for them.
Sometimes we hear someone say that:
“Website? We already have one website, but it does much help for our business. We do not rely on the website to do our business."
We can understand why the client has his mindset based on their cognition & experience.
If an established company has been in business for many years, it already has a strong customer base.
The old company must have accumulated a lot of contacts and reputation after so many years of operation, and the business volume it has brought was a lot. It even accounts for more than 75% of the overall company's turnover.
From the above two points, it is enough to understand the reason why customers feel that they do not need to have a website.
It is also correct. So, do you think this type of client still needs to do a website?
The answer is needed!
1. Strike while the iron is hot
We should try to open a new market when we still have the capital. The new market is referred to, through online find the new client base. Don’t be too hard on hard sell, in the opposite way, we make a good website so that customers in need can find us easily. Not in a hurry but in an efficient way.
2. Reach new potential customers base
The company with full of experience normally has their technique to find the new prospect customers. Through the online method, they will have higher chances of reaching new customers. The point is that they can still use the current service method to serve the new customers and continue to expand the big company’s reputation and connection.
3. Don't let this opportunity slip away
Let's imagine after the salesperson meets with a new customer, the customer is satisfied with the presentation. After a few days, the client calls to us and said, their boss already decided on another company. Due to curiosity, we will ask for the reason behind it. And the client replies to us that he was very satisfied after our presentation, but their boss would like to get more information, so they go online searching and saw the company's website hadn't been updated for a long time and it was all out-of-date information. In the end, they might choose another brand that is also an old brand but has enough information to prove it.
There is a place on the website that can effectively provide sales evidence. If, after the presentation salesman, customers can see more information about the company through the internet, will it be more persuasive?
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