Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost for designing a website?

This is the most common question when we receive enquiry from our customers who need a website for their business. It is usually the first question, as our customers will need to do budget planning for building a website.

Our reply is usually another question: What type of website you need?
It is because we need to know the type of website to be applied, in order to advise on the cost for designing a website.

  • For company that provides services, it requires a profiling website. See ePROFILE.
  • For company that does trading, manufacturing, supplying for products, it requires an online catalogue. See eCATALOG.
  • For company that does retailing, it requires an online shopping/ eCommerce website. See eSHOP.
  • For special website requirements, it requires customizations.

When a suitable website is decided, we may advise for the cost for designing a website.

Are you using downloadable template design, or custom made design?
At Webteq, we use only custom made web design. No downloadable template design. 
The reason is because we believed that Corporate Image is very important for a company, especially the one who plans to develop a website. With custom made website layout, we are able to match the website with company logo, corporate theme, and business nature.

Besides, downloadable template design is potentially high risk for hacking issues.
For eg, sometimes you may come to a website with "This site may harm your computer". It means it is hacked.  
This will definitely affect the impression of potential customers.
Am I able to update the content of website on my own?
Yes! Definitely yes.
Most of the websites done at Webteq are equipped with Content Management System (CMS). It is a feature that allows website owner/ administrator to login and update the content of the website. It is done through WYSIWYG Editor, which allows website administrator to update the website content without knowing the HTML programming. The editor works like a Microsoft Word. Bold, italic, underline, insert hyperlink, insert pictures, insert table, and so on become so easy.
How many pages are needed for a website?
A basic website package comes with 10 pages, and most of the customers are filling up 8-10 pages during the initial website launching.
For a website that serves for company profile purpose, 10-page should be good enough to cover those important content.
Common website structure:
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Products
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • News& Events
  • FAQs
  • Career
  • Contact Us
May I know how to setup mailbox to access my email?
This is easy. Just follow our step-by-step guidance for Mail Client Setup to access your mailbox.
For immediate access without email client software, please access //
Click Here »
May I know how to change my email password?
Kindly refer to the step-by-step guidelines Here »
May I know is there any charges to withdraw money from PayPal?

The minimum withdrawal amount from PayPal is MYR40.00.
If the withdrawal is MYR400.00 or more, it is Free Of Charge.
If the withdrawal is less than MYR400.00, there is a withdrawal fee of MYR3.00.
Read more »

How to setup auto respond or auto reply for my email?

It can be done at Direct Admin. Please get your login ready, and follow these steps»

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